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Let us just give you a quick bio about us

We love sports, especially football , wellness , reading books and traveling,
We have been in the SFM community for 8 years and we are incredibly proud that we have met these incredible guys and mentors (Stuart & Jay). They have trained us, so we quickly started working on the Internet and it give us amazing results with our internet business.

Today we live the Internet lifestyle, we work when we want and where we want. We enjoy traveling with our children and we have always with us laptop and mobile to work. Believe us, you can also live this life

That we have been able to work at home has given us an incredible freedom. We can be more present with our children and do fun activities with them when we want. It is difficult to describe with words this freedom. You have to experience it to understand

If you are anything like us youre probably thinking its time to make a change, time to move forward and create a new sort of life for yourself and your family, a life where you have more precious time and enough money to not worry about how much life costs and instead to enjoy all life has to offer. Anyone can do it.

The business system Stuart and Jay have created is so simple it`s ridiculous.
In the video tutorials and the live trainings they practically hold your hand
and show you step-by-step, in plain English, how to do everything they do.
No existing expertise required. All you need is the will and determination to make it work.

You will discover a lifestyle Business System
which is the key to generating long lasting and lucrative results with your costumer

If you have been thinking to work on the Internet, we highly recommend you
SFM, Six Figure Mentors.
They have education, training and business coach
to help you with your buisness

To Your Success

We wish you a nice day
Ulf & Marjukka Bengtsson