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About me
Well what can I say?

I suppose in a nutshell I am your average guy who has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary lifestyle… and to be honest, even to this day I have to pinch myself, because the fact is not so long ago I knew NOTHING about internet business and digital marketing.

Yet after a bit of time and effort, I have been able to build a multi million dollar business and create a lifestyle where I live life on my terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check!

You see something I’ve had the good fortune of KNOWING, is just how powerful our ‘Intentions’ and ‘Abilities’ are… so when I stumbled into Internet/Digital Marketing by complete mistake as a 26 year old burnt out corporate slave… some how in my guts, I just KNEW I could do it. Even though I had just MISERABLY failed with my first business attempt!

And I am SO THANKFUL that I stumbled across this way of building a business, words can’t even express it.