About me
ADHD is seen as a person with a disorder who can't get by in life. Here I am using that to my advantage to help other people who are challenged by it get over the hurdle.
I was homeless, jobless and newly divorced when I came across SFM. Prior to that, I already had made up my mind that I was not going to have my circumstances determine a negative outcome.

Writing ebooks was what I did to help me get started to set up goals for myself. Building up mental strength through consistency was and still is what I'm about and SFM came at the right time to give me a boost.

I'm forever thankful for Jay and Stuart for this opportunity to have created the SFM online business system for people like me.....and everyone else who are willing to grab this opportunity of a lifetime.

So to conclude, it doesn't matter who you are......if your passion is what this is all about, you'll succeed.