Welcome! If this is what you dream of you've come to the right place:

Earn money while living your individual lifestyle to the fullest instead of spending almost all your time and energy making other people rich.

A way to optimize your life so you can generate revenue using systems and automation, 24-7-365.

The ability to live anywhere while earning great income.

None of the stress and heavy overheads that come with a traditional business startups.

Skills you'll be able to use for any number of income generating projects.

The freedom to do your own thing, whenever and wherever.

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

have empowered thousands of people from every walk of life to achieve exactly this - we're going to show you a clear, step-by-step path to cut through the noise and confusion so you can achieve your individual dreams without the typical barriers.

Have You Ever Looked at Your Life and Felt In Your Heart and Gut That There MUST Be a Better Way than the Limiting Status Quo?

Does the following sound all too familiar to you? Let's clarify the issues that people from every walk of life are facing these days so we can address the solutions:

The world of global commerce is getting smaller and more competitive than ever before - gone are the days of job security and great prospects working for one company your whole life. Redundancies frequently spring out of the Blue, salaries aren't keeping pace with the cost of living, pension funds are typically a joke and workers are expected to put in extremely long hours or be replaced.

Traditional education has become extremely expensive and leaves people paying off debts for years after they graduate. Even worse, those dream jobs are very far and few between, many struggle even to find decent employment after spending well over $200,000 and years of effort on their education. Plus, in many cases traditional education simply doesn't provide the practical, real-world know-how needed to rise above the crowd.

The era of Artificial Intelligence is fast approaching - countless jobs will be replaced by machines who never get tired and don't need time off for dentist appointments or holidays. A modern dilemma.

Technology is giving us a taste of mobility freedom. People don't want to be chained to the grindstone anymore - we crave the flexibility to travel and work around our individual lifestyles instead of fitting into the 9 to 5 along with the stressful commute and office politics.

We All Dream of the Freedom to Live How We Want While Enjoying Financial Comfort -
What Does Freedom Look Like?

The digital world we now live in is a complete game changer which has revolutionized both the economy and how we do things. Unlike any other time in history, we have fantastic opportunity to create a lifestyle of our own design.

There's a growing number of people that are successfully living The Digital Lifestyle - owning an online business that gives you the freedom to do things YOUR way. Freedom to do things like travel, take up painting, write that book, create a beautiful garden to work from when you feel like it and spending abundant time with your loved ones.

If the following sounds too good to be true, you're in for a very pleasing surprise:

All you'll need is a laptop and an Internet connection to run your online business.

A proven setup that once put in place, will provide you the potential to generate income 24-7-365.

Clear, step-by-step Get Started training, at your own pace so you never feel overwhelmed or lost.

Coaching experts on hand who've achieved outstanding success from scratch - during fun live webinars they'll show you the practical ins and outs - forget dry theory.

Friendly help and support at your fingertips whenever you need it, plus a global community of like-minded go-getters to bounce off.

The comprehensive tools and resources you'll need to generate impressive income online - all in one centralized place..

Genuinely appealing products plus industry leading commissions in return for promoting them with integrity i.e. no hassling your friends and family to buy stuff and no shady promises to pull the wool over people's eyes.

No selling or phone calls - we do that for you! Your only business task will be to follow our training steps to generate leads online.

Now Let's Talk About the Two Elephants in the Room -
What Makes SFM Different from All the Other Programs?
How To Make Money Online without Working Really Hard?

The first elephant in the room is that it seems daily some new 'millionaire' springs out the woodwork promising to show people how to make over six figures immediately. This causes people to jump around as opportunity seekers from one thing to the next, only to get more disappointed and cynical by the day (and rightly so) when the grand promises don't come true.

And the second elephant in the room is something you might already be thinking if you're a realist: "Are you telling me I can earn money while not working, that sounds like bogus!".

So, let's clear things up:

We're certainly not one of those hyped up, shady 'get rich quick' companies who make wildly unrealistic claims of instantly earning a six figure income and without ever having lifted a finger. That's just not realistic - every business takes time and commitment in the beginning, there's no such thing as a magic wand, nothing of lasting value materializes from thin air. That said, we can promise that SFM will give you all the resources needed to be able to start generating healthy income while you learn the ropes, and working at your own pace to suit your individual lifestyle.

The model we teach takes you out of the traditional pitfall of trading your time for money. We'll show you how to sell globally appealing products in an automated way so you can earn revenue while you sleep, travel or whatever else floats your boat. This is THE solution to achieving time freedom.

We don't build castles in the sky, our business system has been proven time and again - not only have our founders Stu and Jay perfected it to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams, our students have collectively generated over $100 million in online revenue these past few years, and with more success stories happening daily. Towards the end of this page you'll find short videos of people just like you who are achieving their personal dreams.

We cut through the typical guesswork, jargon and fluff with clear step-by-step training that gives you the strong foundational skills needed to build your aeroplane and get it off the ground. We'll give you the ability to go wherever YOU want to go, along with ongoing coaching to make sure your progress is sustainable and uncapped.

Once you have the foundational skills and get properly set up (with us helping you every step of the way), your online business can be run almost on autopilot so you're free to do your own thing - this is what we call The Digital Lifestyle. We'll show you how to create automated 'campaigns', and as you learn further you can finetune or let them run, all depending on how much time YOU feel like putting in.

The formula of automated 'campaigns' you'll learn is scalable, meaning you can replicate it as many times as you like. This is why the sky is literally the limit when it comes to how much revenue you'll be able to generate. We'll give you the skills to monetize almost any product or service that appeals to you.

In a nutshell, what makes SFM stand out from the crowd is our "A-B-C of Easy Online Success":

Clear, Easily Digestible Know-How that Delivers Real Results: SFM Brings You The A-B-C of Easy Online Success

We've cleared away the typical confusion and overwhelm to open a path which takes you step-by-step to where YOU want to go.

The business model we speak of is called being an 'affiliate' - making money on the Internet by promoting (not selling) great products you like and trust, using time tested techniques called 'lead generation' and 'list building'. We haven't invented the wheel, but you'll find we certainly took it next level to smooth out the learning curve and give you extraordinary possibility made realistically within reach.

Our Unique, Proven Formula for Online Monetization without Hassle:

(Use your computer cursor to explore these A-B-C blocks)


SFM's proven, multi-million dollar business system removes the typical guesswork and lets you set up scalable automated campaigns that generate money 24-7-365.


You'll have the potential to earn industry leading commissions - $800 to $8,000 per sale - plus our experienced team will even close your high ticket sales for you.


Step-by-step training and a refreshingly friendly community of global go-getters. You'll never lack for targeted know-how and hands-on support when you want it.


Whether you're retired, a student, a full time employer/employee or a stay at home parent, say goodbye to the typical hassles that come with traditional revenue generation when we show you how to harness the booming digital economy with our refreshingly simplified business system:

No heavy overheads

Forget traditional business costs such as a physical storefront, employees or product creation. The game changing business model we're going to show you lets anyone start making money online almost from the get-go. Gone are the days where you have to invest a fortune to become a business owner!

Work When It Suits You

Choose your own hours and work from anywhere with nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection. Also build your online business around your existing job and responsibilities, at your own pace.

Learn to Create a Loyal Audience

We teach you how to reach the world and turn online 'traffic' into loyal customers by providing people with genuinely useful value. SFM is all about integrity - you'll find none of the shady 'fast buck' tactics that give the industry a bad name.

Comprehensive Education & Tools

Our streamlined business system does much of the heavy lifting for you (and we never stop finetuning this multi million dollar platform to stay ahead of the curve). Get everything you'll need to start generating revenue online - all in one convenient place - from step by step Get Started training to a world-class Digital Toolbox.

Lifestyle Freedom is NOT Just for the Lucky Few - Extraordinary Possibility Made Realistically Within Reach:

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek launched Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) to clear away the confusion and hype they faced when they were getting started.

Having proven themselves by creating several multi million dollar digital businesses from scratch and perfecting the business model we're going to show you, their goal and driving passion now is empowering individuals the world over with the confidence that comes from having the right know-how, allowing you to generate money online while enjoying time freedom.

Whether your goal is to live comfortably by a beautiful beach in a stunning part of the world spending most of your time having fun with your family, or to become a blazingly creative entrepreneur that takes the world by storm, we have you covered:

SFM is The Place to Be for people new to the world of making money online and looking to get up and running with revenue generation at their own pace and in the shortest time possible.

DEA is designed for those who want to progress to higher levels of online business know-how, right to the pinnacle of entrepreneurship mastery where you'll be capable of monetizing almost anything you can think of.

THE Solution - Online Monetization Education, a Business Startup Powerpack and Community Support - All In One Place

At SFM we like to do things a little different from the status quo, so we'd like to let you dive straight into our proven business system and try things on for size without paying a single cent/penny.

That's right - we'd like to give you a Free Account so you can see for yourself why your search is over when it comes to the Blueprint that empowers you to create a lifestyle of your own making. After all, no matter what we or others say, only YOU can decide where your trust is best placed, and you can't do that if you don't have the full picture.


Access to our exclusive Members-only site, which includes our step-by-step Online Business Success Module. Here you will learn our proven steps to making an income online. This could be for the sale of your very own product or as an affiliate for someone else's.
Our 4-Part 'Digital Life' video training series explaining how to build a successful lifestyle business from scratch. In this exclusive series you'll learn exactly how to set yourself up with a business that is designed from the very start to provide you with utter lifestyle freedom.
Exclusive invitation to join our founders on their live monthly Visionary Call where they'll give you the inside scoop on upcoming plans for SFM and how they'll benefit your business progress. PLUS you'll also be invited to attend our live Master Marketing Mastermind sessions where you'll get invaluable insights and tactics for growing your business fast.
Your very own SFM Business System consultant, on hand to support you every step of the way. We know that anything new can easily seem daunting, so we've removed this stress factor by providing you with one-on-one support to ensure you can easily implement the steps you learn with us.

Special Offer: Over 23,101 Bundles bought and counting - claim yours FREE today!

sfm startup bundle

Extraordinary Possibility Made Realistically within Reach - Ready to Take to the Open Road?

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Why SFM Puts You Firmly on Track for Lifestyle Freedom - Empowerment Unleashed

Whatever walk of life you come from, SFM is here to empower you with the right tools and know-how so you can achieve YOUR individual lifestyle goals in the shortest time realistically possible. The Internet economy is booming - we've made sure that the freedom of the Digital Lifestyle is yours for the taking:

Revenue Generation 24-7-365

Our game changing business system does most of the heavy lifting and we'll teach you how to setup your online business so it runs virtually on autopilot. Combined with the global Internet marketplace and big commissions, income generation happens non-stop. Our experienced team will even close your sales for you.

Work When You Want, Where You Want

Choose your own hours and work from anywhere with nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection. Also work around your existing job/responsibilities at your own pace. Proven tactics like email campaigns and list building can be automated so you'll never again be chained to a desk.

Work Smart Not Hard or Shady

We teach you how to reach the world and turn online 'traffic' into loyal customers by providing people with genuinely useful value. SFM is all about integrity - you'll find none of the shady 'fast buck' tactics that give the industry a bad name. All you need to do is generate leads by telling the truth.

What Will You Do with YOUR Digital Lifestyle?

Once you've created a free account, if you decide to become a full time member of SFM you'll have access to an outstanding amount of ongoing value. But we won't wow you with that for now - we'd like to introduce you to some of our students since the 'proof is in the pudding' so to speak!

These SFM students come from every walk of life, demonstrating that no matter who you are, success is well within your reach. The ultimate vision of our founders is to give you the 'Uber' of Education - getting you wherever YOU want to go in the most streamlined way possible, so you have the freedom to create YOUR Digital Lifestyle, working wherever and whenever you choose.

Meet Some Of Our Students

Ilan Ferdman - USA

Amy Taylor - UK

Greg and Fiona Scott - New Zealand

Chris, Gerrard Merrile, Sandrine - Australia

We Are Really Helping


Your kids mean the world to you so your heart drops at the thought of missing out on their growing up years while you're working long hours at a job.

The typical work-from-home opportunities you've researched either pay too little to be worth it or seem too complex to get a handle on because you can only grab spare time sporadically.

Employed or Self Employed

As a full time employee you're chained to your workplace most of the week. There's just no time to hunt around for a different route and you don't have enough funds for the expensive typical business startup costs or for buying into a franchise.

As a traditional business owner you have less free time than when you were an office slave. Plus there's the stress of heavy overheads (office/warehouse rental and employees), the worry about competition (since you're reliant on local customers), and despite the business experience you have there seems no way to leverage your skills for more success and time.

Baby Boomers and Retired

Layoffs and redundancies are a frequent occurrence these days. Often employers would also rather pay youngsters who cost less and are prepared to do longer days. It's hard to save up sufficient money for a truly comfortable nest egg so you can fully enjoy your Golden Years.

As a retiree (or hoping to retire soon), you're interested in additional income opportunities to boost your bank account, but many opportunities require unaffordable investment and risk. Added to this, the computer and Internet skills that your kids and grandkids take for granted often seem like an alien language.

School Leavers and Students

As a student you're racking up major debt for your education and once you've completed it you also worry about finding a great job because things are really competitive out there.

As a school leaver, despite the pressure to get ahead, you're either not keen on being an office slave or you can't afford the expensive fees for traditional higher education. You're not sure what to do but you know you don't want to feel caged or bored.

Extraordinary Possibility Made Realistically Within Reach - A Clear Path to YOUR Freedom Revolution

Dive in with Full Peace of Mind - the Extraordinary Online Business Startup Bundle Gives You a FREE Account So You Can See for Yourself What 'Empowerment Unleashed' Means!

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Live Your Dream - Learn how to achieve your ideal 'Digital Lifestyle' - living the dream of working whenever and from wherever you like.

Flexibility - Discover how to create and optimize an online business that delivers maximum freedom and flexibility while generating revenue 24-7-365.

Clear Know-How - Step-by-step training and invaluable insights into the most effective online business model when it comes to getting setup and earning profit with just a laptop and an Internet connection (even if you're brand new to online business).

See for yourself why SFM is The Place to Be for people looking to tap into the booming digital economy with a simplified online business a step-by-step training, Digital Toolbox, personal mentor, supportive community and more - all designed to give you dramatic growth, independence and freedom. Extraordinary possibility made realistically within reach!

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