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That statement is unfortunately what you see a lot when it comes to earning money online.

What we have found is the biggest reason people don't achieve their financial goals is the fear of looking foolish or feeling judged. Chances are this isn't your first time looking to step outside of your comfort zone. To find something you really would love to do AND earn income from. Sometimes it's more than just "money". We have a member who wasn't looking to earn a Million Dollars, she just wanted spend a Million Moments with her Son. Once she saw what you're about to see, it just "made sense" to her.

One thing you'll find refreshing is this. I am not interested in recruiting you into the Digital Marketing Business. Most people don't even know what that really means. Even if you LOVE what you read on this page, you'll still need to create your free account and work through a short training module before you can pursue the opportunity we are about to share with you.

You also need to ask yourself the following question. "If I find an opportunity to feel passionate about something, is it worth the leap to express myself?" You have the right to create the life you deserve. Even if you have a job or looking for a different career path, we may have something for you.

And it's definitely NOT for everyone...

Here's what we mean.

Our 'Essential Program' isn't another site with boring videos giving you vague instructions on "how to" but you're left confused and not sure where to even start. That's the main reason we ask people to fill out an application.

We want to go through it with you to see if it even makes sense to move forward.

The most successful people understand there needs to be a certain level of commitment up front to make it work. You know and I know if you're not willing to take a few minutes to complete an application, chances are you won't commit to achieving what you really want.

Our commitment is to be transparent with you, both online and live. We don't ask our members to sell to their friends and family or ask you to represent products online you don't align with morally.

Because of the industry, from time to time some people just assume we're like the others. That's why we have a selection process where both you and us believe it makes sense to move forward.

We will uncover this within a few moments of speaking with you. We let our reputation and your due diligence make the call once you access our FREE materials.

That's right. You'll be able to judge for yourself based on what we teach you and show you for free. NOT based on what we say or even other people's opinions and testimonials.

So here's the deal.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are considered one of two of the world's most successful online business system creators.

They joined forces over five years ago because instead of competing with each other, they found their values to actually be the same. They realized that success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

People wait their whole life to start living BUT spend most of it just trying to make a living. Waiting is a state of mind. You want the future not the present. But, it's the process (journey) that is more important. You become what you're around. The biggest goal they both shared was to create a community where people help others achieve success in their lives. This community is what's driving people to continue on even when it gets tough.

The select individuals that choose this path and are fed up with traditional career roles can participate in the world's first professional turn-key 'franchise like' DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM.

Our business model is unique because we work very closely with you, including LIVE coaching and one-on-one support and guidance.

If you follow the program exactly as we've designed it, you could absolutely transform your life and your income potential...

The application I spoke about earlier will only take a couple of minutes to complete. It's really more of an introduction to who you are and what you're seeking. Fill out as much as you feel comfortable. Go with your gut. Then you'll be able to instantly go through a series of short trainings and resources we've prepared for you.

After that we can speak on the phone and see if this is something you would like to learn more about or even participate in. Does that make sense?

Complete the form below to get access to your free account and training.

You'll get access immediately, and you'll be given your first steps to follow right away.

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Do you really reject people from your program?

Obviously we want people to be successful. It just may not be here. If someone is looking for a quick scheme to earn cash we're just not the right fit for them. Sometimes it's mutual and other times, we just want to maintain our brand integrity in the marketplace.

Are there similar, or even better programs to yours out there?

The only way for you to truly know this is to decide based on what you see and hear. Most people are smart enough to know when people "hype" it's just that. We know we're not for everyone, but for those that we do work with really see value both personally and professionally.

Finally, should you ever decide to purchase anything from us in the future, you will have a very clear money back guarantee outlined.


NOTICE: All applications are strictly processed on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to refuse any application solely at our discretion.