Are You Ready To See How Hundreds Of People, Just Like YOU, Have Been Able To Dramatically Change Their Lives With The Help Of "The SFM"? A Community Providing YOU The Tools, Training, And World-Class Coaching To Succeed Online – Today

This short letter contains the details on the fastest, almost “fail proof” SFM home business plan that’s been used by hundreds of motivated men and women all over the world to quit their jobs and build secure, lasting wealth from home...

- Stuart Ross, SFM Founder
Home Business Entrepreneur, Mentor & Speaker

I know your time is valuable.

And that’s why, if you’ll invest the next 5 minutes reading this short letter about the SFM plan, I will promise you two things:

Firstly, it will be completely devoid of hype and false promises.

Secondly, it will show you how hundreds of people who used to be stuck commuting to a job they hated each day are now working from home; on their own terms, as their own boss, living a life free of job stress, financial worries and lost time with family.

But before I continue I need to make something very clear… The SFM is not for everyone

Here’s why…

You have to do some work on your part, meaning this is not a push button “get rich quick” scheme – this is very real and therefore you need to be prepared to put some effort in!

But, if you’re teachable, motivated and serious about being a successful online entrepreneur, then there is no reason you can’t use SFM’s system to “leverage” the experience and skills of other successful business owners, to escape that commute and job that is slowly wasting your life away.

It doesn’t matter if you’re NOT a technical whiz or have ZERO website skills…

Because The SFM can show you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it!

And if you can follow a plan made of 4 simple pillars, then you are already on your way to being the next successful SFM member…

Pillar #1 – Attraction Marketing

This is the first pillar of your success online.

It’s how you can start from the ground up, building your online system. Like I mentioned before you need to crawl before you can walk and this course has everything you need to become a successful online marketer ready to run marathons…

In fact, it’s been made so simple and easy to let the average person (Just like me when I started out) get your own online money making business FAST

And if like me, when I started, you hate the sales part of business…

Well we have this handled in The SFM, because we are about to teach you how to literally ATTRACT an endless stream of buyers credit card in hand!

Here’s what the course includes:

Attraction Marketing Blueprint:

  • Complete “step-by-step” guide (to potentially start making money immediately)
  • Marketing “crash course” (proven, easy to follow system so effective it’s the envy of the home business world… yet so simple, even people who have never earned a penny online are building solid, full time businesses with it)
  • Creating your own personal brand for attracting effortless sales and profits online
  • How to get set up quickly and see results immediately
  • And more

You will also learn how to explode your income with:

  • NO complicated technical challenges
  • NO struggling to find customers for your products
  • NO cold-calling and painful rejection.
  • NO chasing leads or pushy sales techniques – ever!
  • NO need to sit on the phone speaking with people all day
  • NO ‘money pit’ ideas that only produce more debt instead of leads.
  • NO buying useless leads, period.
  • NO more friction within the family due to a lack of funds or results…

SFM Direct Marketing Income Opportunity (optional)

You can market ANY product with The SFM. This is one of the many ways you can make real money. But also SFM members have the opportunity to earn significant income by referring other people to join our community…

As Soon As YOU Start You Can…

  • Earn up to $100.00 on every Attraction Marketing sale — Our SFM Elite Team will close your sales for you. (We do ALL the selling on your behalf…This is just one of your many SFM benefits.)
  • Earn $20.00 per month referral commission on every SFM member you refer. This lets you start earning “residual” income, the reason we have set this feature with SFM Elite is to ensure you can generate monthly income no matter what you’re doing, you could be on holiday enjoying your self, whilst multiple referrals are paying for it…

Pillar #2 – SFM Membership

Included with your home study course is your first month SFM Membership. This is what lets you leverage the marketing minds behind some of the Internets top earners. It includes your own personal plug and play professional online platform that’s 100% easy to use and the potential to start earning money straight away.

Your Membership Benefits:

  • Has multiple built-in income streams, lead generation, mentoring and top notch support (you are NEVER alone in this business — ever)
  • Includes professionally built websites and systems that would cost close to $5,000 per month on your own, and over $250,000 just to set up.
  • Is less than the cost of a cheap weekend away to get started, with a monthly membership that’s affordable on almost any budget (with your first four weeks free)
  • The most complete, powerful, and fully integrated (“plug and play”) online sales and marketing platform ever created. Learning how to market online is one of the most crucial steps you can take to launching a successful Internet business…By using our platform, not only will you learn the latest and most effective marketing strategies, you can even get paid for implementing them!
  • SFM certified business coaches calling your leads and assisting you in closing your sales meaning you never have to close any deal on your own again.
  • Unlimited access to our daily training and coaching calls
  • Simple step-by-step modules teaching you every aspect of online and offline marketing
  • Professionally created email follow-ups and special offers for your customers (again, this is done FOR you — it’s literally copy-n-paste and in many cases as easy as sending a friend an email)
  • Unlimited email and live chat support (you will never be on your own ever again)
  • Daily marketing and ‘SFM coffee calls’ and webinar training ensuring you’re up to date on everything you’ll ever need to make money online
  • Invitation to SFM’s LIVE Momentum days – You will get access to material no outsider can ever get, ensuring you have cutting edge information and resources enabling you to have a successful business.
  • And much, much more!

Pillar #3 – Automation & Lead Generation

When you join The SFM we help you to generate leads as this is the life blood of any online business…

Not only will you be able to generate leads using our marketing system, but we will literally take you by the hand and show you LIVE how we do it…

Our mentors will be leaving no page unturned and you will be able to get any of your questions answered LIVE!

Your mentors will have already done what you are about to try, so you can save the hassle and frustration and discover first hand what actually works…

You’ll also have the personal contact details of your referrer, so no automated answers, just real human advice…

Bottom Line…

Your Mentors Assist You In Closing Your Sales. This is what separates The SFM from everything else…

Simply put, you have top earning marketing coaches guiding you along as you learn how to become a successful online marketer…

How great would it really be if you could close your sales and achieve your financial freedom goals?

The SFM is a true earner whilst you’re learning the business ropes… You will become successful in a way that’s also completely

NO school, college or university will give you the information that separates successful online marketers from the general opportunity seeker.

But here at SFM, we can and do show hundreds of successful online marketers how to do this…
Think about this for a moment…

We want you to make all the money you want so we will do ALL the grunt work (helping you close sales — so you can earn money while you’re learning.) Because we know if you make money then you’ll stick around with us…

This is why SFM is one of the fastest growing training systems on the Internet.

Nothing else like this has ever been done before, or will be again…

Here’s why…

The Attraction Marketing home study course and your monthly membership contain everything you need to become a successful online marketer.

It’s like having your own personal “Team” of world-class online marketers personally guiding you every step of the way to build your business as fast as possible.

Think of it like this:

The SFM is the ultimate online business school and our coaches and other successful members are the “Teachers”

This means you’re never stuck in the dark, you can ask ANY questions you want and we assume you know nothing about building an online business when you get started…

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have very little or NO business experience at all…

Bottom line…

As long as you are open to learn… and as long as you APPLY what you learn… you almost can’t fail. (I can’t make you any income promises as everyone has different motivational purposes.)

But in our experience…

The Only Way You Can “Fail” Is If You Don’t Do Anything Or Quit.

And that’s the way SFM was designed.

To be almost “fail proof” for people who make the effort.

In fact, SFM was created from the ground up to solve every major hurdle a new online entrepreneur could possibly face. You don’t have to mess around with any of the technical aspects of doing business online (we hand you a fully built professional website). You don’t have to talk to anyone or personally sell anything (your online marketing tools and professional business coaches assist you with that). And we are constantly testing, tweaking and updating our system tools, resources and software to make everything even easier and more profitable for you every day.

That’s what makes this so powerful.

With SFM freedom is the target — we’ve got the system to get you there, wrapped up in this culture of other entrepreneurs and your own top earning mentor as your partner to assist you in making sales. Everything you need is built in — mentorship, coaching, and a multi-six figure system for generating leads and closing sales online.

You’re never left “hanging” and you’re never alone.

It’s our goal to make you as much money as possible while building you up and turning you into a self sufficient entrepreneur.

Plus, check this out:

All these resources and tools would normally cost close to $40k just to set up (without the cost of the technology), and then over $5k per month to keep using everything.

But We Have “Arranged” It So You Get It All For A FRACTION Of The Cost…


Because over the years we have made hundreds of strategic relationships with programmers, world-class online marketers, and other top-notch service providers to get everything down to less than the cost of a cheap weekend away. Plus, with thousands of members serving over 80 countries the cost is amortized to a fraction of what it would cost you to do this on your own.

Here's what's included:

    This frankly doesn’t exist anywhere else but SFM!


Pillar #4 – The Product Line

Our product line is designed with you in mind. It covers every aspect of becoming a highly successful and profitable online business owner in 2016 and beyond.Screen shot 2012-01-30 at 19.42.19

Many online business seekers tend to jump into business ownership with both feet, making mistakes so costly that they may put themselves out of business before reaping any rewards. Therefore, The SFM offers a growing number of courses and memberships designed to help motivated online business seekers lay the proper foundations.

We believe that by first choosing to build a rock solid foundation for your business, you’ll be able to scale up and out, providing solutions to many customers and touching more lives.

Whichever membership or courses you choose in your time with us, you’ll be blown away by how quickly you can turn your new found skills into healthy rewarding profits.

We’re dedicated to help you achieve the life you choose.

Finally, you have the option to use the SFM marketing system to sell our products. This is where the other income streams I mentioned earlier come into play. These are high end products designed to prepare people for every aspect of entrepreneurship, from their very first days online right through to building a six figure online business.

You'll also be pleased with the high commissions that it's possible to earn from your sales. And you don’t even need to purchase the products in order to sell them.

Now, here’s the thing:

You will have the option, but NO product purchases are required to be a SFM member or build your business.

And that’s all there is to it…

As you can see, SFM is an extremely simple, but potentially lucrative, business that…

  • Has multiple built-in income streams, lead generation, mentoring and top notch support (you are NEVER alone in this business — ever)
  • Includes professionally built websites and systems that would cost over $5,000 per month on your own, and almost $40,000 just to set up
  • Is less than the cost of a cheap weekend away to get started, with a monthly membership that’s affordable on most any budget (with your first four weeks free)

And you know what?

The application to join SFM is risk free! Every application comes with a...

30-Day Refund Policy

We want you to be absolutely blown away by what we have put together for you. So you will have 30-days to review everything. If you are not 100% happy, simply ask and we will give you a FULL 100% REFUND.

Here’s how it works:

You can make the decision to keep doing what you’re doing now and commuting to a job each day… or you can make the decision to change your situation and become a successful online business owner.

The choice is yours.

YOU are the one who pulls the strings in your life.

And if you choose to be an entrepreneur, then here’s what to do:

Click the “Add To Cart ” button below and follow the simple instructions.

We’ll give you instant access to the system and the online version of the course.

That way you can even get started in the next few minutes…

For a 100% risk free investment of $29.95 today

So what will it be?

To your success,

P.S. – Get rid of your making money online problems once and for all…For a 100% risk free investment of $29.95 today, you too can benefit from The SFM…

P.P.S. – Here is the answers to our most common questions…

How much money will I make with SFM?

It would be illegal and unethical for us to promise you will make a certain amount of money. After all, you may not do anything or you may not follow our system or you may quit. What we can promise you is to teach you a powerful skill set (online marketing) that gives you a realistic opportunity to build a solid business online and achieve your financial goals over time. This is a REAL skill you can use in any business (even if you decide SFM isn’t for you). Our marketing education program is the envy of the entire home based business world for a reason. And we even get members who are already in another business who join JUST to learn our cutting-edge Internet marketing methods (and that’s perfectly okay with us).

But, this is NOT a “get rich quick” deal.

It takes time, patience and effort — it is not fantasy land.

How much money you make (and how quickly you make it) is up to you.

Is this an international opportunity? What if I live in the US, UK Australia, Canada, Sweden…?

It doesn’t matter what country you are in, the Internet makes this a truly global opportunity. We’ve served people in over 80 countries already.

Do I have to purchase any additional products or services?

Aside from your Attraction Marketing home study course, no product purchase is required, though you will have the option to purchase the rights to sell additional products and services if you choose.

How much money can I make just marketing Attraction Marketing home study course, without plugging in any other programs or products to sell?

Every Attraction Marketing course purchased from your website will generate up to $100 commission for you. Don’t forget you also earn up to $19.95 on every Application Pack AND $20/month RESIDUAL income from all SFM Marketer member that you refer throughout the life of their paid membership.

Who is going to help me with my business?

Not only will you have a personal sponsor, you will have unlimited access to the SFM support team as long as you are a member.

What happens if I have limited funds after I buy the Attraction Marketing home study course, can I still do this?

It doesn’t matter. We have people who get started with no marketing budget (using secret free resources and strategies we’ve discovered over the last few years) and we also have people who have 6 figure budgets to play with. Obviously, the less money you have to get started, the more “elbow grease” you will have to put into it — just like with any other business.

Can I really do this business anywhere?

As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet you can do this business from anywhere. There are no barriers with the Internet. It takes the same “effort” to email someone who lives five thousand miles away as it does to email someone who is 5 feet away.

Is there anything special I need to be successful with SFM?

Yes — the one thing you MUST have is patience. Most people get started and they get excited and may even want to make $50,000 dollars in their first month, but that’s not realistic. Yes, you can make money fast, and people have made significant incomes in their first month.

But some people also take much longer than that.

And some quit and give up and make nothing.

It all depends on you and your desire to succeed — we give you the tools and support, but you have to provide the effort.

Again, this is not fantasy land and there are always going to be obstacles in any business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. However, we have eliminated all the common obstacles new online entrepreneurs face and have spent a small fortune on creating a world-class support network you can access by phone or email if you ever need to.

You are never alone in this business — ever.

Incidentally, this is why we have so many people joining so fast right now (and is one reason why we cap it at 500 new members each month — to make sure our support stays top notch).

To get started click the yellow button below:

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